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Phillips Printing In-House Direct Mailing Equipment

Create great print marketing.

Let’s face it; it’s a jungle out there. One must be adaptable to remain competitive in this ever-changing business environment. Phillips Printing, Nashville’s longest-running G7 Master Commercial Printer, can help you conquer the wide world of design, printing, and direct mail by offering a full line of services to manage your business’ marketing and printing needs. Explore more efficient ways to do business and get your message out there.

Equipment & Capabilities

Phillips has some of the most advanced printing equipment in the country. Our capabilities include high-speed offset and digital printing, various finishing functions, and full-service mailing.

Our flagship press is a Heidelberg CX102-6L lithographic printing press. This 40” press can print up to 6 colors plus a coating at 16,500 sheets per hour. It is equipped with three UV lamps that can be placed between any unit for fast curing of UV inks. Running all UV ink allows Phillips to turn jobs quickly without needing to wait for ink to dry. We can immediately move projects from press to bindery, getting the finished product to our clients or into the mail stream quickly. 

Phillips bindery compliments our presses and houses state-of-the-art Heidelberg folders, cutters, and stitchers. Phillips also has several digital presses for low volume and variable printing; and high-speed inserting, tabbing, and addressing equipment for mailing. Over 95% of operations are done in-house.

Our primary focus is producing a high-quality product and providing exceptional service to our clients. With Phillips advanced equipment and expert staff, we aim to provide that with flying colors. Ask us today how this amazing equipment can help bring your printing project to the next level.


Printing Insights

Experiencing An Eclipse
Some things you just have to experience. Every once in a while an experience touches our hearts and minds. Something that makes us glad to be alive. Something that makes us treasure our senses; our ability to touch, smell, taste, hear and see. These senses enhance our awareness of who we are and allow us

Direct Mail Insights

To EDDM or Not to EDDM
The goal of any direct marketing piece is to get into the hands of its intended recipient. The goal of any marketer is to discover who that intended recipient should be. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to direct mail marketing. The type of mailpiece and its intended audience help
Phillips Printing In-House Direct Mailing Equipment

Create great print marketing.

Design. Print. Mail. And More.

Design with Phillips Printing Company


In the creative world, the possibilities are, literally, endless. Whether you are doing the design yourself, managing the process with an agency or freelance, or having the Phillips Creative teamwork for you, whatever your mind can imagine can be made a reality. Each project will be unique; the following are some general considerations.

Print with Phillips Printing Company


Printing is about so much more than putting ink on paper. It’s about a goal, and getting there together. At Phillips Printing, we truly believe that if we do a project for you that doesn’t achieve your objectives, we haven’t fully done our jobs. Like most commercial printers, we understand the technical part…we’ve been doing that since 1959. Technical expertise alone is not enough; we need to be adaptable to the marketplace, and to your needs. That’s what we hope to do, every day.

Certified G7 Master Printer
Mail with Phillips Printing Company


Getting a printed piece from the printing press into the mail and ultimately to the intended audience requires a knowledge of the complexities of the postal system. We can help you with that. We can consult with you not only on mailing requirements but also on a direct mail format that will produce results. The following are just some of the elements of an effective direct mail campaign.

Phillips Printing Company Delivery Van


Our automated inventory management service is as slick as moss on a river rock: items are readily available, end-users can access the products they need online, and producing anticipated items in larger quantities means lower prices overall. Our integrated inventory management software helps keep your locations well supplied and provides the reporting you need; no fuss, no muss. Are there other suppliers involved in producing parts of your inventory? We’ll work with them to coordinate the process for you.

Strategic Marketing

Discover the power of targeted marketing.

In a world constantly adapting to new ways of business communications, there is one marketing channel that still stands strong… direct mail. When combined with focused data and creative design, direct mail has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool and continues to outperform other media in both customer acquisition and retention.

Phillips Printing Front Foyer


Not sure where to begin? If you have questions about printing, mailing, or design, our team is here to help. Phillips staff is full of experts with decades of experience in printing and mailing. Our sales professionals can guide you through the complexities of the marketing process. With our extensive experience printing and mailing for so many different industries, we can offer suggestions on what will work best for your business. Whether you are wanting to do a simple print project or a multi-piece direct mail campaign, Phillips can advise on how to make it great.


All pressed up and no place to go? So you have a large inventory of printed materials, hot off the presses, but no place to store them and no way to manage the distribution: no problem. Whether you need to send a few pieces to a large number of locations all at the same time or a large quantity to a small group every other week, we can manage the entire process from storage to shipping.

About Phillips Printing Company

Our business continues to evolve to support your need to communicate effectively with your customers, prospects, vendors, shareholders, and other key stakeholders. What started in Nashville, TN, in 1959 as a small family-owned printing company has grown into a full-service communications company. From concept to design, printing to inventory management, and ultimately into the mail, we can handle the whole process or any single step in between.

Phillips Printing is located in Historic East Nashville. We serve all types of businesses from small start-up operations to large corporations. Contact us today or send us a request for a quote. We look forward to working with you!

Create great print marketing.